Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Andy Tattersall featured in new ebook on digital academia

Andy Tattersall has been featured in a new e book by Jobs ac uk called 'The Digital Academic. It comes off the back of a talk he delivered for Jobs ac uk in 2015 at The University of Warwick alongside Dr Inger Mewburn and Dr Nadine Muller.

Image of Andy Tattersall and quote text
Andy Tattersall
The talks were all about digital academia and using technology to be a modern academic, Andy's talk is below. The book offers useful on how to use social media, blogs, altmetrics and productivity tools as part of the academic process. The book is short, snappy and offers introductory advice as to help the novice explore some of the tools and ideas easily. Of course with is beign an online book there are plenty of links to further resources and tools. You can read the book here