Thursday, 7 March 2019

HEDS Up (and out)

You may notice that this blog has been quiet for a while, and that's because the IR team has decided that from now on we'll be posting on the HEDS blog instead.

HEDS (Health Economics and Decision Science) is the largest section of ScHARR, and the one in which the Information Resources team is located (though we continue to work with the other sections of the School as well).

We're still the same team, interested in the same things, like: information retrieval; research impact;  review methodology; and of course libraries - but from now on we'll be blogging about them in the same place as the rest of our HEDS colleagues.

For a taste of the HEDS blog, why not check out this recent post by IR's Anthea Sutton on search strategies for identifying systematic review tools?

Thanks for all your interest in the ScHARR Information Resources blog since its inception way back in 2007(!) - the archive will remain here for the forseeable future should you wish to access any older posts,  but for the latest news from the team we hope you'll continue to follow us in our new home.