Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Cilip unveil their new Information and Advice Blog

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Posted by Andy

Started in February this year, Cilip has started their own blog, which on early evidence is looking good. Posts about the Accidental Library Manager , Inspiring an Effective School Library , Libraries in the news , and JISC & SCONUL Library Management Systems Study are just a few of their posts.
To read the blog in full, just point your pointy browsers at Here

New Publications, Reports and Statistics

Posted by Andy

Choice at end of life

The Kings Fund has published 'Improving choice at end of life'. This paper provides a descriptive analysis of the impact and costs of new services as part of the Marie Curie Delivering Choice Programme, whichwas launched in 2004. http://www.kingsfund.org.uk/media/dying_patients_given.html


Environments for care at end of life

The King's Fund has published 'Improving environments for care at end ofl ife: lessons from eight UK pilot programmes'. http://www.kingsfund.org.uk/publications/kings_fund_publications/care_at_end_of_life.html

Clostridium difficile and MRSA infection figures

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has published the latest quarterly Clostridium difficile and MRSA infection figures. The figures on MRSA bloodstream infections show that there were 1,087 cases reported inEngland during the October to December quarter of 2007.

Key population and vital statistics report

The annual Key Population and Vital Statistics 2006 report published by the Office for National Statistics, provides data on resident population, births, maternities, deaths, mortality and migration forlocal administrative areas and health areas throughout the United Kingdom, together with explanatory material and illustrative maps.

Guidance for R&D annual reports 2008

The Department of Health has published 'Guidance for R&D annual reports 2008'. An annual report is required from all recipients of Transitional R&D Funding. This guidance will help organisations in receipt of Transitional R&D funding to write their annual report and improve thedata returned. Completed reports should be submitted by noon, Tuesday 1July 2008.

The National Service Framework for diabetes

Diabetes UK have published a report 'The National ServiceFramework (NSF) for diabetes: five years on...are we half way there?'.


National Library for Public Health Medicine

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Posted by Andy

The National Library for Health has re-launched the National Library for Public Health Medicine (NLPH).

This is an online specialist library which replaces the Public Health electronic Library (PHeL). The library has been developed to provide high quality evidence e-based information on all aspects of public health. There are sections on the Choosing Health priority areas of obesity, mental health, sexual health, health inequalities, tobacco, children and young people and alcohol.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Writing Competition for MRC-funded PhD Students

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Posted by Sonia

With a prize of £1000 on offer and the chance to mingle with journalists and novelists, MRC-funded research students with a penchant for writing will not want to miss out on an opportunity to communicate their science.

The Max Perutz science writing competition, a prestigious award aimed at encouraging and recognising outstanding communication among young MRC researchers, is open to MRC-funded PhD students. The MRC has invited them to write an article, aimed at a non-specialist audience, conveying the significance of the research and benefits to human health.

Shortlisted entrants, chosen by a high-profile panel of writers, journalists and scientists – including science writer Georgina Ferry – will be invited to an awards ceremony in London in July. They will also have the chance to attend a masterclass run by Ruth Padel, a poet and Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, and the great great grand-daughter of Charles Darwin. The winning entry will be published in the Guardian newspaper, and there are money prizes for runners up too.

Articles up to 800 words are being submitted ahead of the closing date of 19 May. More information about the competition including previous winning entries, can be found at www.mrc.ac.uk/NewsViewsAndEvents/MaxPerutzAward

Article courtesy of mrc.ac.uk

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

National knowledge week on rheumatoid arthritis

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Posted by Andy

The National Library for Health have launched the National Knowledge Week on Rheumatoid Arthritis 21st - 26th April 2008.

The areas covered are under the broad headings of genes and immunity (with a focus on how advances in laboratory work can help us understand disease); RA complications (emphasising the fact that RA does not only affect joints but also cause problems in other parts of the body); influences on management and drug treatment (how and when we should best treat this condition); other management options (reminding us that other therapies such as physiotherapy may be very important in RA) and surgery (whilst used much less as a treatment for RA today, surgery can play a very important role).

"Ray of Light" St. Joseph County Public Library Version

Posted by Andy

As per usual each month, we've ransacked the repository of the good, the bad and plain ugly, namely YouTube, to bring you more library and information goodies. This time it's the St. Joseph County Public Library 'video' version of Madonna's number one hit Ray of Light. It's quite a good take on the original, although you do have to put up with an awful lot of bad hair days, inaine grins and lots and lots of waving - Goodbye!

Friday, 18 April 2008

NEW Research Funding Update Projects and Programmes

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Posted by Anna

Are you looking for funding for a new project?
Then see the new edition of the Research Funding Update

For more information about Research Funding Service provide by the Trent Information Service @ScHARR please see our Research Funding page or contact me on 0114 2220894 or by email a.j.wilkinson@sheffield.ac.uk

Thursday, 10 April 2008

S1 Alumni Newsletter

Posted by Andy

The latest edition of the ScHARR Alumni Newsletter is out on the virtual shelves and features an interview with our own Director of Information Resources, Andrew Booth.

The newsletter has been put together by Nick Fox, Chris Blackmore and Charlotte Hollins, and is currently being sent out to all ScHARR graduates. If you would like any further information about ScHARR Alumni, or would like to contribute to the next edition, due out in November 2008, please do not hesitate to contact them at: scharralumni@sheffield.ac.uk

You can view the newsletter from the link below

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

NHS Staff and Patient's Survey

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Posted by Andy

Two notable surveys have been released this week, firstly The Healthcare Commission have published the NHS staff survey results; and the Department of Health have published their 'Report of the National Patient Choice Survey, England - November 2007'.

NHS staff survey results
The Healthcare Commission has published the results from the annual survey of NHS staff. Between October and December last year, a proportionate sample of staff were asked for their views and experiences of working for the NHS in England. The survey results showed that staff were generally satisfied in their jobs. There are also clear improvements in relation to infection control, with 82% of staff saying their trust does enough to promote the importance of hand-washing to staff, up from 70% in 2005. But there remains work to be done in making sure that hand-washing equipment is always available to staff when they need it. The survey also showed that more action is needed to address violence and abuse. Additionally, only 26% thought their trust valued their work, down from 28% in 2005. Survey responses indicate poor levels of communication between staff and senior management, with only 22% thinking it is effective. Press release: http://www.healthcarecommission.org.uk/newsandevents/pressreleases.cfm?cit_id=6422&FAArea1=customWidgets.content_view_1&usecache=false
Results: http://www.healthcarecommission.org.uk/healthcareproviders/nationalfindings/surveys/healthcareproviders/surveysofnhsstaff/2007.cfm
BBC News report: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7336878.stm

Report of the National Patient Choice Survey
'Report of the National Patient Choice Survey, England - November 2007' has been published by the Department of Health. This report gives the final results of around 78,000 responses to the tenth national patient choice survey commissioned to assess the implementation of choice at PCT level. The series of surveys, conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the Department, monitor patient awareness of choice and recall of having been offered a choice of hospital for their first outpatient appointment. They were designed to provide a national overview of choice and summary results at PCT level, with a revised format from November 2007 incorporating new questions.
Report: http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Publicationsandstatistics/Publications/PublicationsStatistics/DH_083974
Press release: http://nds.coi.gov.uk/environment/fullDetail.asp?ReleaseID=364837&NewsAreaID=2&NavigatedFromDepartment=False

Monday, 7 April 2008

Choice Matters - working with libraries

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Posted by Andy

The Department of Health has published 'Choice Matters - working with libraries'. This is an update on the implementation of patient choice in the NHS focusing on the work that has been done with library staff.

Latest Current Awareness Bulletins

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Posted by Andy

Just a quick reminder to say that the latest current awareness bulletins including the KingsFund and April editions of the NICE current awarenessbulletins on health economics, research methodology and information science can be downloaded from our intranet (for members of staff only).

Friday, 4 April 2008

NEW Research Funding Update: Fellowships and Studentships

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Posted by Anna
Do you need funding for your research idea?
Then have a look through the latest edition of the Research Funding Update: Studentships and Fellowships

For more information about the funding service please visit our Research Funding page.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Psycho-Babble On...

Posted by Andy

It's quite refreshing to learn that we are not the only ones in ScHARR that have a blog, although we'll take the plaudits for being the first ;-)
The Mental Health sub-section of our larger Health Services Research section have created their own blog, aptly called Psycho-Babble On... They refer to it as; "The world seen from psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic perspectives."
The blog can be accessed by pointing your Freudian browsers to:
The blog is written by staff and research students engaged in psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic studies at the University of Sheffield. For more information on their programmes, please visit the webpages below for more details:

100 Posts and Counting

Like David Beckham and his 100 England caps, we've finally reached the landmark of 100 with our posts. Though unlike the US-based midfielder we haven't had to spend it in France being beaten over a period of 90 minutes for our troubles.
In celebration of the fact we've made it past the first six months, we'll offer you this little gem of a Monty Python sketch - The Gorilla Librarian - so take three minutes out with a cup of tea and some spam sandwiches and enjoy.

April edition of TAKE FIVE out NOW

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Posted by Anna

Take a break and have a look at TAKE FIVE APRIL

It is packed full of current awareness, training courses, research funding opportunities and new websites.

Take Five is the Trent RDSU’s monthly update. To join the Take Five distribution list please contact me, Anna Wilkinson on 0114 2220894 or by email a.j.wilkinson@sheffield.ac.uk

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

FOLIO Down Under!

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Posted by Anthea

G'day! The FOLIO Team are pleased to announce a new programme of FOLIOz courses for 2008, in partnership with ALIA, the Australian Library and Information Association. FOLIOz courses are delivered by e-learning and are available to any library and information professionals working in Australia. Topics for 2008 are Knowledge Management, Evaluating Information Skills Training Courses, and Project Management. For further information, please see our FOLIOz Wiki at: http://folioz.pbwiki.com/.