Tuesday, 29 March 2011

ScHARR Bite Size for Teaching #6 - Electronic Voting System - 2.30pm today - Eric Wilkes Room

Posted by Andy

This afternoon's Bite Size session looks at the electronic voting system - Turning Point.
Graham McElearney joins us again following his entertaining and informative session on Echo360 to present the benefits of using the Turning Point voting system in just 20 minutes.
This afternoon's session will be of particular benefit for anyone involved in teaching and training.
For those who don't know, ScHARR and Public Health have the Turning Point voting system and 160 remote controls that can be applied in teaching, seminars and meetings. So if you would like to make your teaching that bit more interactive, or include anonymous voting in meetings come and join us.
Of course, as per usual there will be bite size cakes available, so bring a hot drink with you and learn something new in 20 minutes!

If you want to know more about turning point

Friday, 25 March 2011

Research Funding Update: Fellowships and Studentships

Post by Anna

The latest issue of the Research Funding Update can be viewed by following this link

Previous editions of the update can be viewed here

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

March Take Five

Photo by KJGarbutt
Post by Anna Cantrell
View the latest edition of Take Five here. It is packed full of new websites, research funding opportunities,training courses and current awareness.

To join the Take Five distribution list please contact me, Anna Cantrell by email a.j.cantrell@sheffield.ac.uk or phone 0114 2220894

An archive of the Take Five Newsletter and other research funding updates can be viewed here

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Research Funding Update: Projects and Programmes 11 March 2011

Post by Anna

The latest issue of the Research Funding Update can be viewed by following this link

Previous editions of the update can be viewed here

Friday, 18 March 2011

ScHARR Library Bite Size #7 - uSpace Documents, PBWorks and Disposable Web Pages

 Posted by Anthea

Our next bite size session is on Thursday 24th March at 2.30pm in the Pemberton room. The session is all about tools for collaborative documents and workspaces. Details below, hope to see you there!

uSpace Documents, PBWorks and Disposable Web Pages
Fed up of email attachments clogging up your inbox? Collaborating with others on a document and struggling to know which is the most recent version? Spending lots of time collating comments on a document? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this could be the session for you!
This session will cover several ways to make collaborating on writing documents a whole lot easier.  You may already be familiar with uSpace, but did you know you can upload documents allowing others you are working with to edit and add comments.  In addition, in this session we will also look at the Wiki PBWorks, which is a free online workspace which allows the easy creation of a project website which can be used for discussions and to upload documents to name a few functions. Finally, we will show you how to create disposable web pages – web pages that are easy to create and that self-destruct after a maximum of 90 days – great for any short-term project work you want to do.
So, come along, see what’s what, and help make email attachments a thing of the past!
As usual, bring your drinks and we will provide the cake! 

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Bite Size #5 for Teaching - Echo360

Posted by Andy

This one's on Echo 360. For anyone that doesn't know, this is a great system for lecture capture. It doesn't just add a voiceover to powerpoint but captures everything on screen, so if you come out of your slides to show students something else such as a web page, or use sympodium to draw on screen it captures the lot. It can also be used for adding a video to your slides. 

Friday, 4 March 2011

Reference Management Overview


I stumbled on this diagram by Martin Fenner which documents the differences between various popular reference management packages. It was produced a year ago and is already slightly out of date, such as Mendeley now has an iPhone App and API - nevertheless - it gives a decent snapshot of some of these tools should you wonder what's the difference between CiteuLike and Zotero. It does not include Reference Manager, but does include Endnote which is made by the same company and is very similar.