Tuesday, 29 March 2011

ScHARR Bite Size for Teaching #6 - Electronic Voting System - 2.30pm today - Eric Wilkes Room

Posted by Andy

This afternoon's Bite Size session looks at the electronic voting system - Turning Point.
Graham McElearney joins us again following his entertaining and informative session on Echo360 to present the benefits of using the Turning Point voting system in just 20 minutes.
This afternoon's session will be of particular benefit for anyone involved in teaching and training.
For those who don't know, ScHARR and Public Health have the Turning Point voting system and 160 remote controls that can be applied in teaching, seminars and meetings. So if you would like to make your teaching that bit more interactive, or include anonymous voting in meetings come and join us.
Of course, as per usual there will be bite size cakes available, so bring a hot drink with you and learn something new in 20 minutes!

If you want to know more about turning point

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