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NHS Staff and Patient's Survey

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Two notable surveys have been released this week, firstly The Healthcare Commission have published the NHS staff survey results; and the Department of Health have published their 'Report of the National Patient Choice Survey, England - November 2007'.

NHS staff survey results
The Healthcare Commission has published the results from the annual survey of NHS staff. Between October and December last year, a proportionate sample of staff were asked for their views and experiences of working for the NHS in England. The survey results showed that staff were generally satisfied in their jobs. There are also clear improvements in relation to infection control, with 82% of staff saying their trust does enough to promote the importance of hand-washing to staff, up from 70% in 2005. But there remains work to be done in making sure that hand-washing equipment is always available to staff when they need it. The survey also showed that more action is needed to address violence and abuse. Additionally, only 26% thought their trust valued their work, down from 28% in 2005. Survey responses indicate poor levels of communication between staff and senior management, with only 22% thinking it is effective. Press release:
BBC News report:

Report of the National Patient Choice Survey
'Report of the National Patient Choice Survey, England - November 2007' has been published by the Department of Health. This report gives the final results of around 78,000 responses to the tenth national patient choice survey commissioned to assess the implementation of choice at PCT level. The series of surveys, conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the Department, monitor patient awareness of choice and recall of having been offered a choice of hospital for their first outpatient appointment. They were designed to provide a national overview of choice and summary results at PCT level, with a revised format from November 2007 incorporating new questions.
Press release:

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