Thursday, 3 January 2008

PRO Newsletter Online

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The aim of the “Patient Reported Outcomes Newsletter” edited by Mapi Research Trust is to encourage and facilitate rapid dissemination and exchange of information relevant to PRO within the scientific community. Their PRO Newsletter Online”, the website of the “Patient Reported Outcomes Newsletter”, is updated several times per year.

You can subscribe for PRO newsflashes under “PRO e-Newsflash ” to receive the latest information update of the website by e-mail.

At any time you are invited to send your research papers on applied methods for elaboration and translation of your PRO instruments for multinational use, or the results of any Health Related Quality of Life (HRQL) studies.

Simply upload your document under “Submit an Article ”. It will then be reviewed by their internal editorial board and may be published twice yearly with the paper version of the PRO Newsletter to be distributed during international congresses of ISOQOL, ISPOR etc. They also welcome here short articles or any other information on your research, as well as any news and information on Patient-Reported Outcomes (announcements of publications, meetings, websites etc.).

To facilitate exchange of opinions, they invite you to visit their “Forum ” where you can chat with other experts in the PRO field on fixed or free themes. Or you can visit their “Media Centre ”, an archive which provides all PRO Newsletter articles, their references and the complete PRO Newsletter issues since its first edition – for reading and download.

The latest issue of PRO Newsletter #38 can be downloaded below

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