Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Blogging in an Academic Health Library Setting

Posted by Andy
OK, I'm not going to start writing in third person pretending to be someone else, an old journalist's trick when they're trying to add that little bit of extra credence to their scribbles, to tell you about an article i've written about our beloved blog for a special Web 2.0 issue of Libraries for Nursing Bulletin.
The piece titled; 'Blogging in an Academic Health Library Setting - The Case of the ScHARR Library Blog' looks at how we devised, built and styled our weblog.
For more information on the bulletin, point your browser (what a great phrase) to:
This latest issue features articles on Intute, Blasting into the Blogosphere: a Blog as a Communication Tool for Libraries; as well as a review of a our own FOLIO Workshop (we didn't write it!).
While we are in the business of shameless self-plugging, if there are any cricket fans out there, I've also published a tongue-in-cheek article about our own England Cricket Team in the latest copy of Yes..No..Sorry which can be bought from most county cricket clubs.

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