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Thursday, 31 July 2008

(the) health informaticist

Posted by Anthea

In the interest of sharing our discoveries of other blogs, allow me to introduce you to "(the) health informaticist". Formed by a group of people working in the field of health informatics, it covers topics such as knowledge management, web 2.0, and evidence based medicine. To give a flavour of the discussions, the most recent posts are about: The Department of Health Information Accreditation Scheme and Information Prescriptions project, Medpedia, and Cuil, a new search engine.

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Hi Anthea,

Thanks for the mention. I've decided to count blogging as CPD as a hook to do more professional reading. And it is nice to feel that one is not alone in 'Health Information 2.0'. Will be sure to check back here.