Monday, 2 February 2009

Fahrenheit 451

Photo by altemark
Posted by Andy

Last week the ScHARR Library team got together for the first time in a long time. The last time was back in 2004 and that ended up with a trip to the burns unit. The purpose of the team gathering was to carry out a large culling of our book and report stock. The library has been up and running for nearly 15 years and in that time we'd acquired a large collection of health and research titles, ranging from the very useful to the quite utterly pointless. The two main objectives for the cull were to create more space for even more newer books, and to free up space in our limited library.
As part of the cull, about 1/3 of the stock was recycled and offered to staff and students, what's left by the end of next week will be offered to any suitable libraries and charities. For those of you in Regent Court, the books are in the common room on the second floor.
Pictures from the cull are below.




"Point that camera elsewhere"

How to look like a librarian pt2

Asta La Vista books!

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