Tuesday, 21 April 2009

All Change in the Library

Photos and posted by Andy

After 14 odd years since the ScHARR Library came into existence, it was universally agreed that the tired old girl was looking in need of a serious makeover. First came the new paint job, then the funky student desks and the cool bucket chairs (not actually buckets), and then it was the quiet study stalls which turned up next.
Then a book and reports cull (the first major one in the library's history), over 15% of the book stock either made its way into various academic's offices (the more books on your shelf, the better read you look) or onto Oxfam's shelves. The Sheffield Oxfam shop on West Street probably has the most extensive collection of epidemiology and health policy books this side of the Pennines right now.

Then it was the turn of the enquiry desk to be put to pasture and we got a brand new shiny one, complete with new drawers...well you need drawers to put library things in. Finally, it was the shelves - we did something radical there, we turned them sideways. As one punter put it this week; "It looks like a library now, rather than an alleyway", and we all know what goes on in alleyways.
Anyway, pop in and have a look, you might be suprised. Here's a few photos from the shelve move; I know it's not exactly war reportage, or celebrity wedding photos, but you've read this far, so might as well look at the pictures as well ;-)

More photos can be accessed at our Flickr Page

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Claire B said...

The library looks brilliant and I love the photos!