Thursday, 18 February 2010

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Posted and photos by Andy

As previously mentioned by Sonia Rizzo via email, we have a new meeting table in our beloved library. "A new table" I hear you all say? You're probably thinking that it's not that newsworthy, but considering the lack of meeting spaces within ScHARR and the popularity of the existing ones, it probably is.
What is so special about this new meeting space?
  • Well it's very informal, not all meetings have minutes you know, although you can have minutes at ours :-) .
  • It has wireless access, so bring down your laptops, as many as you can carry...and a plug adapter if you want to use more than a couple, wall sockets are a premium.
  • There is an extensive collection of books and journals at a finger touch away, from statistics to quality of life, PharmacoEconomics to SPSS guides. Great if you want to meet with your students and suggest any resources.
  • Plus a member Information Resources team is always somewhere close if you need a quick answer to a quick question.

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