Thursday, 2 December 2010

10 Tools for Better Working should a Crisis Happen

Photo and Posted by Andy

Considering the recent weather events and closure of the University, I thought I would list a few tools to help you work better at home.

In this day and age with a bit effort, there is little reason why meetings can't still take place, documents be co-created, resources built, references collected, PDFs stored, meetings organised, presentations delivered, files shared and diagrams co-designed.

Whether it be the adverse weather, Swine Flu, petrol shortages or Icelandic ash clouds keeping you away from work, there are several tools out there you can employ freely to help you carry on your work and collaboration any where that little bit better.

Here's just a sample of some of them through the medium of 10 short videos, if you want to have a rest after battling through the snow to get a pint of milk, take ten minutes out with a cup of coffee and see if anything interests you. Many of these tools will be covered more in future IR Bite Size sessions. ALL OF THESE TOOLS ARE FREE

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