Friday, 21 January 2011

It's a write-off!

                                   Image courtesy of Claire Beecroft
Its been ‘Writing Week’ here at ScHARR Towers, and so it 
seems only right to give you all the low-down on what IR 
staff have been squirreling away at over the last 5 days:

Anthea has been working on a paper with Andrew on 
leadership skills of health library and information managers. 
She’s also been working with Andy and Louise on a Mendeley 
paper, with  Andrew and Pippa on an EBLIP paper and with 
Andy and Andrew on an e-learning and Web 2.0 paper.

Ruth has carried out additional searches for the Telemonitoring project and has written a section of a paper for the Patient and Public Involvement project.

Helen has  been working mainly on an article about learning styles for HILJ’s "Learning and teaching in Action" feature, also an article for HILJ on the use of Library Thing in Core Collection bibliographies, and had discussions about two possible methods papers inspired by PHCC work.

Andy has been working on a paper with Anthea Sutton and Louise Guillaume investigating the capabilities of the free on-line reference management tool  Mendeley and a paper based on his Masters dissertation looking at health information for sufferers of anxiety and panic disorders .He’s finished off most of the text for the portal/start page research along with Claire Beecroft and Anna Cantrell and has passed on a very rough draft of a potential paper taken from his NIHR Fellowship application looking at Web 2.0 use within the NHS. 

Claire has finished her contribution to the portal paper with 
Anna and Andy and has written the structure and some 
content for a paper on IRISS, to be finished in the next writing 

Pippa has written the Evaluation report for FOLIOz 
EBLIP-Gloss and started on her section for a paper with 
Anthea and Andrew about using Evidence Based Practice to 
answer 'burning questions'.

Angie has been working on a draft of a paper about the 
‘Health Utilities Database’ with Pippa.

Suzy has been working on her PhD, and poor Anna has been 
on jury service!

So, busy, busy, busy, as per....

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