Friday, 18 February 2011

The Joy of Beautiful Statistics...

Not one, but two things to draw your attention to! First of all, the fantastic, pretty, clever and quite-cheap-depending-on-where-you-buy-it 'Information is Beautiful' by David McCandless- its a book and a website, so I'll let you find the book, but the website is at: Basically, David is fascinated by the myriad of ways of displaying data visually- from nerve endings in the body to genome sequencing, via maping music and charting the causes of cancer. And his website allows you to 'play' with some of the visualisations for your own entertainment!

Which leads me nicely on to the marvellous Hans Rosling, Swedish statistician/doctor/genius and creator of some fantastically engaging visualisations of statistical trends which challenge our perceptions and preconcieved ideas about the world and how it is changing. Watch his seminal TED Lecture above and be converted.

Posted by Claire with thanks to Andy and Simon for bringing these to my attention.

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