Friday, 16 September 2011

ScHARR Bite Size for Research - Data, Copyright and the Cloud - Tuesday 20th September - 2.30pm - Lecture Room 2

 posted by Andy
The cloud is an ever-popular term that hear mentioned on BT adverts, associated with Apple and Microsoft products, dropped in amongst various tech programs on the tv and in the press. What is the cloud, should we take notice of it? The simple answer is yes, like fashion we're tied to wearing only the clothes that are available in the shops driven by the designers (unless you can stitch together your own clothes). The technology designers drive how we work and they want us up the cloud as quick as possible (unless you can stitch together your own programs).

Cloud computing is the process of using software and accessing data without the need of knowing where the phsyical location and configeration of the system that runs the services is. It allows the use of data and tools from any location via an Internet connection. Whilst the data you employ with these services has become open for scrutinty, whether it be personal or private content. It has also highlighted the short-comings in copyright legislation as the law stays one or two steps behind the technology. 

How we teach is a particular area of concern, as after 20 years of using PowerPoint aided with 'stolen' images and content from the Web - we are now hosting this content on the Web and the Cloud - this bad practice (that most of us have been guilty of some time or another). Whether this is the Internet or Intranet is irrelevant. To go in the direction we are going without taking heed of copyright leaves us open for scrutiny and attention that we would not wish to entertain.
This session run by myself gives a brief overview into where we are going, the problems we face and how we could do a few simple things to avoid any serious pitfalls.

As always, bite size cakes will be available, please bring a long a hot drink.  

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