Friday, 6 January 2012

ScHARR Bite Size is Back!!!

 Posted by Andy
It's a new year, so why not make a new year's resolution of finding at
least one new way of working, or discover a new resource that will
help you teach, support students or carry out your research.

For anyone unaware of what ScHARR Bite Size is:

Bite Size is for everyone in ScHARR - if you manage a research
project, write a paper, supervise a student, search a database, use
the library, use any of the Google tools, have virtual meetings - then
an investment of 20-30 minutes might be time well spent.

ScHARR Bite Size for Research returns on the 17th January - so what's
happening in 2012?

17-Jan-12               Pemberton                       PhD Supervision                                 Dawn Teare
25-Jan-12               Pemberton                       Maintaining your Research Grant                         Julie Foers
02-Feb-12               Eric Wilkes             Interactive Whiteboards                                         Luke Miller
15-Feb-12               Eric Wilkes             Pebblepad                                               Sara Watkinson/Professor
Ian Douglas
23-Feb-12              Pemberton                        REF                             Andrew Booth
07-Mar-12               Eric Wilkes             Medline                 Helen Buckley Woods
15-Mar-12               Pemberton                       Facilitating Online Discussions                                         Chris Carroll
28-Mar-12               Eric Wilkes             TASH (The Academic Skills Hub for Students
19-Apr-12               Eric Wilkes             Google Apps                                     Tom Jenkins
02-May-12               Eric Wilkes             What ScHARR Library Can Do For You                              Helen
Buckley Woods/ Sonia Rizzo
10-May-12               Pemberton                       PhD Supervision  #2                     Dawn Teare
23-May-12               Eric Wilkes             Dissertation Supervision                        Amy Barnes
31-May-12               Eric Wilkes             Web Conferencing Tools                          Andy Tattersall
12-Jun-12               Eric Wilkes             Online Marking                  Janet Harris
20-Jun-12               Eric Wilkes             Sheffield Healthcare Gateway: Support for
Commercialisation, Consultacy and Collaboration    Karen Booth

Plus there are many more sessions planned for Autumn and Winter 2012 -
grey literature, animation tools, facilitating small groups, CINAHL,
Making memorable presentations, creating effective posters, marketing
yourself, Turnitin amongst others.

Stay up to date by subscribing to our calendar -

There is also a new ScHARR Bite Size website - we hope to add lots of
resources from the many previous Bite Size sessions in the coming

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