Wednesday, 22 February 2012

ScHARR Bite Size For Research #21 : REF on the Frontline - February 23rd - 2.30 Pemberton Lecture Room

 Posted by Andy
The next ScHARR Bite Size session is this coming Thursday, 23rd February at 2.30 pm.

REF on the Frontline

Andrew Booth (ScHARR's Director of Information)

Hardly a week goes by without some mention of the REF. But what does it mean for the researcher on the frontline? This session will cut through the mountains of guidance to provide Bitesized tips and tricks for REF success. What is a good REF paper? How can I play the citation game? How can I achieve impact? How can I exploit REF for academic success? This session will provide practical demonstrations of successful REF tactics.

This session will be of value to all Academic and Research staff, particularly those Grade 8 or above. 

As always we will provide nice cakes to go with your mid afternoon beverage.

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