Friday, 25 May 2012

Bite Size is 50!!!! ScHARR Bite Size for Research #26 - Web Conferencing Tools - Location - Cyberspace and Eric Wilkes Room - Thursday 31st May 2.30pm

Posted by Andy

The World is getting smaller, much smaller - in fact there’s no such thing as distance in learning and collaboration any more. Victor Borge once famously said: “A smile is the shortest distance between two people”. That may have always been the case for the real world and now it can be in the online world as well thanks to a multitude of tools and technologies available to us.
Whether it be collaboration, teaching, peer support or just a simple catch up  we now have the technology to do this online with our students and colleagues. The ability for two way communication and the ability to put a face to the voice allows us all to communicate just as if we were in the same office as someone in a different part of the World.
Join Andy Tattersall for this online, interactive session run on Blackboard Collaborate where he  looks at the various options now available in the office, meeting room, lecture theatre or conference hall.
The session will be run remotely in the Eric Wilkes Room, but staff wanting to attend without leaving the comfort of their own office will be encouraged to do so. For those wanting to attend this session whilst sitting at their own desk, can you ensure that you have a headset that will allow you to listen to and possibly interact with the session. A link to the session will be sent out to all staff.

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