Wednesday, 17 October 2012

SoPHR Diabetes Workshop

ScHARR is one of the eight members of the School for Public Health Research (SoPHR) funded by the NIHR to advance and promote applied public health research.

The NIHR School for Public Health Research will aim to increase the evidence base for effective public health practice by conducting research to increase the volume and quality of applied public health research and evidence, including evaluations and creating an environment where first class applied public health research, focussed on the needs of the public, can thrive.

As part of SoPHR, a team at the University of Sheffield, including Louise Preston of Information Resources (other team members are Alan Brennan, Jim Chilcott, Liddy Goyder, Nick Payne, Hazel Squires, Penny Watson and Mike Gillett and external collaborators from Cambridge, Peninsula Medical School and LiLAC) are working on a project to assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of population / community public health interventions and targeted identification and screening interventions for type 2 diabetes prevention using a common modelling framework to support translation of knowledge into action.

As part of this project, in early October we held a stakeholder workshop within ScHARR with external collaborators, local GPs and commissioners and patient representatives to work on the development of a conceptual model to support the project. This was followed up by a poster presentation at the annual SoPHR conference held in Sheffield. Work on the project involves modelling, reviewing and information retrieval to faciliate modelling and reviewing based on methods developed in the recently completed NIHR Fellowship by Suzy Paisley.

Louise Preston

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