Wednesday, 14 November 2012

ScHARR Bite Size #30 for Research - Altmetrics

Here is a 21 minute screen cast for the ScHARR Library Bite Size on Altmetrics which my colleague Claire Beecroft ran on my behalf. It gives a brief overview of how we can use Altmetrics to improve our scholarly output. ScHARR Bite Size are sessions that last 20 minutes long, so my screen cast had a bit of injury time added.

The treadmill of academia is a relentless one: proposal, research, write, present and then hopefully publish before starting all over again all in the hope your work is of good quality, worthy and recognised. There's one problem though - journals are not geared up for the modern on-line world of sharing and communication. Altmetric tools such as Mendeley, Twitter, Google+, ResearchGate, Slideshare and many others are though. They are alternative metrics to improve scholarly communication and they want to help you shout about how great your work is.

If you want to know more about Altmetrics - go to:

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