Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Health Information and Libraries Journal and IR success!

Some great news relating to the writing activities of Information Resources Group here at ScHARR.  We were delighted to discover that 4 of our papers featured in the top 50 downloads from Health Information and Libraries Journal and 2 contributed to the 2012 Impact Factor:

Booth, A. and Beecroft, C. (2010), The SPECTRAL project: a training needs analysis for providers of clinical question answering services. Health Information & Libraries Journal, 27: 198–207.

Papaioannou, D., Sutton, A., Carroll, C., Booth, A. and Wong, R. (2010), Literature searching for social science systematic reviews: consideration of a range of search techniques. Health Information & Libraries Journal, 27: 114–122. 

Sutton, A. (2012), Increasing impact in a time of decreasing budgets [Editorial]. Health Information & Libraries Journal Virtual Issue 2012.

Sutton, A. and Booth, A. (2012), What type of leader am I?: a training needs analysis of health library and information managers. Health Information & Libraries Journal, 29: 39–46.

Sutton, A. and Grant, M. J. (2011), Cost-effective ways of delivering enquiry services: a rapid review. Health Information & Libraries Journal, 28: 249–255.

Woods, H. B. (2012), Know your RO from your AE? Learning styles in practice. Health Information & Libraries Journal, 29: 172–176. 

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