Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Teaching in Information Resources - Public Health Informatics

Here in Information Resources we have a very wide portfolio of teaching, from teaching Information Skills through our innovative IRIS course, our dedicated support to staff and students through one to one training and InfoSkills Clinics and our teaching across the many courses that are offered by ScHARR.
One module that has been designed and led by staff within Information Resources is the innovative module on Public Health Informatics. Conceptualised by Andrew Booth in 2009 and delivered by Andrew, Louise Preston, Claire Beecroft, Helen Buckley Woods and Andy Tattersall since 2009, the module takes an technology based look at how specific public health problems can be better addressed using technology. 

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Public Health Informatics is a rapidly growing and increasing relevant topic for Public Health and Informatics professionals alike. The opportunity to undertake this module offers students a different perspective on the area in which they work and is an innovative addition to the course in both content and delivery. The module is delivered online (to Information School students) as well as face to face (to ScHARR students) – we utilise innovative technologies and teaching methods in order to deliver teaching in an appropriate way. The subject matter of the module means that we are constantly revising and refreshing our material to ensure that it is as up to date as possible - new technologies and new diseases are included in the module as soon as feasible to ensure that we are addressing the issues of real importance to our students. More information on the module is available here and here. As Louise Preston will be away from the University in the 2014/2015 academic year, the module will be led by Helen Buckley Woods (face to face version) and Andy Tattersall (online version). 

Louise Preston, August 2014

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