Friday, 24 April 2015

Hello from a new Information Specialist


Picture of Mark Clowes
My name is Mark Clowes and I've recently joined ScHARR as an Information Specialist.  Before coming to work here, I was a subject librarian supporting nursing and allied health professions (at the University of Leeds and - before that - here in Sheffield).

I'm a graduate of Sheffield's iSchool (or Dept of Information Studies as it was then known) and it's good to be back here in Regent Court - older if not wiser...

I've been aware of ScHARR and its work for many years and always hoped I end up working here one day.  Now I'm here, it's exciting (if a little daunting) to be working alongside so many of the leading experts in the field, and to know that my work could have a real impact on public health and Government policy.

I've always enjoyed teaching and will continue to be involved with this at ScHARR, not only in the classroom but also by contributing to our online Masters programmesMOOCs, and the FOLIO course.   And I'm always keen to share ideas with fellow professionals through conferences and social media, so hope to talk to you again some day - either in person or back here on the blog.

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