Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Recent IR work - What Works Wellbeing Review on Housing and Wellbeing

Lead author Louise Preston, along with Anna Cantrell and Suzy Paisley, all from Information Resources, are authors on the recently published scoping review for the 'What Works Centre for Wellbeing'.

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As part of the Communities Evidence Programme, this ScHARR team, also including Professor John Brazier and Tessa Peasgood, looked at the evidence linking housing with wellbeing. We used a rapid scoping review methodology to look at what had already been published linking housing with wellbeing.

Our report has now been published online here, with a helpful Policy Briefing available here.

Front cover of the housing and wellbeing policy briefing available at https://whatworkswellbeing.org/2017/01/04/housing-and-wellbeing-special-focus/
Policy Briefing Title Page

Following on from this, the team, along with Duncan Chambers from the Public Health section and Mark Clowes from IR will be working on a systematic review, looking at the evidence for the impact of housing interventions on the wellbeing of individuals and communities from vulnerable groups.

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