Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Mind the Map

While trawling around the good old Internet we came across this great, free tool to help you mind-map your ideas at the touch of a cursor.
We think this site could not only save you a few headaches but a load of paper, plus it's a fun way to create ideas for essay, academic paper or even shopping list. Just go to:
You can create visual structures of essay plans, project plans etc which are easy to edit - you can add, move, edit or delete the bubbles really easily. You can also print them or export them as jpegs for emailing.

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Anonymous said...

Not just bubbl.us - there are many more of these web based mind mappers: bubble-mind.com, comapping.com, glinkr.net, kayuda.com, mapul.com, mind42.com, mindmeister.com, mindomo.com, webofweb.net, and wisemapping.com.

Most have some limited free option and some are completely free for now.

The master list of mind mapping &
information management software