Friday, 2 November 2007

The Greatest Health Websites in the World Ever - Volume One

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As part of a course that our own Claire Beecroft is running - 'Searching for Research in Cyberspace' - she's put together a list of decent health-related websites (plus a few non-health but useful ones) organised by category.
There may be something below that you've not come across - and watch out for Volume Two (The Remixes)

Just about every health research-related website you could ever need….

Discussion Lists:

• Evidence-based health:
• Health services research:
• Public health:
• Allied health:
• Google Groups:


• Pubmed:
• SumSearch:
• WebMD:
• National Research Register (NRR):
• Current trials (International):
• PubMed Clinical Queries:
• The Cochrane Library:
• NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination Databases:
• UKOP (All UK Government publications):
• DoH Publications database:
• National Library of Guidelines


• Netting the Evidence:
• Triage:
• Google Health Directory:


• Biomed Central Journals:
• Evidence Based Nursing, Evidence Based Mental Health, etc.
• Bandolier


• Trent RDSU:
• Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (Oxford):
• School of Health and Related Resarch, University of Sheffield (ScHARR):
• Centre for Reviews and Dissemination:
• ARIF (Aggressive Research Intelligence Facility):
• HERU (Health Economics Research Unit):
• National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE):
• UK Department of Health:

Web searching and appraisal support and training materials:

• Netskills web-searching tutorials:
• Google’s ‘cheat-sheet’:
• PICO Questions:
• Judgehealth website appraisal:

Video and images:

• Google Images:
• You tube:

Subject-specific gateways and search engines:
• Intute:
• NLH:
• MedHunt:

Free-text search engines:
• Google:
• Google Scholar:

NHS Policy and Research:
· National Service Frameworks
· NHS Service Delivery and Organisation National Programme (SDO R & D)
· NHS R&D Programme

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