Friday, 2 November 2007

New! Netting the Evidence

For several months we have been concerned about the increasing challenge to keep up to date with resources in Evidence Based Practice.

As a consequence our internationally renowned "Netting the Evidence" resource is getting increasingly outdated.

We have now replaced our "Netting the Evidence" Resource List with a"Netting the Evidence Google Search Engine". This searches over one hundred web sites (107) associated with the METHODOLOGY of evidence based practice. [Please note: the TRIP database is the best source of actual evidence). This means that all links will be periodically refreshed but you only retrieve material on assessed EBP sites.

You can find the Search Engine at:

But the easiest route is at:

If you have any suggestions for additional sites to add please email Andrew Booth the site address.

The former Netting the Evidence site will shortly be removed.

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