Thursday, 29 May 2008

Recommended Website of the Month

© GO2WEB2.0 2008
Posted by Andy
Not so much a website, but a rather large and useful portal to everything that's in vogue in Web2.0, how long before be start talking about Web2.1 or Web3.0 I wonder? I'd be willing to put down a few of my ill-earned pennies on the idea that it won't be too long before it becomes commonplace on the olde Tinterweb -
Infact after a brief sniff about the WWW it's more than obvious that some websites are thinking further than Web3.0, moving onto 4,5,6,7,8, so on and so forth. The credibility of these sites or posts that make such references are open to debate.
Go2Web2.0 will probably keep you busy for hours by browsing, but there's a facility to filter items by their tags. Just choosing the tag 'knowledge' brings up about 30 websites, and quite frankly there's not enough hours in the day to go through them all properly. The best advice is go and play and see what works best for you.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Andy! What a great site! already finding a lot to help me with my teaching. Some terrific possibilities here, especially to plug some of those holes left in MOLE (e.g. collaborative documents and sharing...).

By the way, Web2.0 is soooo last week. I'm already well and truly in the 'Post-Web' movement.

And by the time you read this, Post-Web will be out of date, and me and all the other cool, hip cats will have moved on to the 'Hyper-Web'...