Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Recommended Website of the month

Posted by Andy

Not so much a website as such, but more a search engine. I saw the MSE360 search engine at the MMIT Conference on 'Now That's What I Call Library 2.0'. The premise of the tool is to collate combining images, wikis, blogs and traditional search results on one page. Basically meaning, you don't have to tab through different types of information the same way you would with Google.

I tried out a test search on our own beloved ScHARR Library and found the results to be fairly mixed, although less ambitious searches could prove to be more fruitful. The first six images related to us and six out of the top ten basic search results were related to ScHARR Library. The wiki and blog posts were not too far off the mark as well. Give it a go, if it's not for you, then you could always go back to good old Google.

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Anonymous said...

Have you checked out Find.com yet. Another better alternative to Google, I think.