Monday, 27 October 2008

Welcome Tony!

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We have a new member of staff in Information Resources and he's a man! Having worked in a mainly female section of ScHARR for over seven years, it's nice to have a fellow 'bloke' join the team. In fact, as Andrew Booth reduces ties with Information Resources to become ScHARR's new Director of Information, you heard it here first folks; it would mean poor little me being the only chap in the library, but Tony has arrived in time to save me from Sex in the City Overload. Please note that the last line is a test to see if my fellow colleagues read these posts; if so I'll be in big trouble no doubt :-(

Anyway, if this does happen to be my last post ever before I mysteriously vanish under a pile of books -I'd like to say it's been fun. Enough of the waffle, I'll let Tony tell you about himself, welcome to the team!

BA hons (University of Essex) Dip Lib (College of Librarianship Wales)

Tony is funded by the Trent RDS to oversee the library’s document supply service. Tony graduated with a degree in Literature and then completed a post-graduate diploma in Librarianship. He first worked at ScHARR Information Resources in a freelance capacity from 2005-7. Prior to that he worked for many years in various non-governmental organisations including for 5 years at Amnesty’s International Secretariat as an Information Officer, and also qualified as a Garden designer.

After moving to Sheffield he combined self-employed work and part-time teaching with a post as a weekend librarian at Sheffield Hallam University and then for 10 years for Sheffield City Council and Sheffield Futures as Resources and Information worker for Sheffield Youth Service. Tony works 2.5 days a week.

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Anthea said...

How very dare you!
What's wrong with talking about Sex and the City all the time??