Monday, 2 March 2009

FOLIOz 2009

Photo by Adamina
Posted by Anthea

ScHARR IR Group, in collaboration with ALIA (the Austrailian Library and Information Association), are pleased to announce a new programme of FOLIOz (e-learning for health library and information professionals in Australia and New Zealand) courses in 2009.

The courses are on: promoting & marketing library and information services, supervisory skills for library technicians and/or newly qualified professionals, managing for service quality, and maximising the impact of your service.

For further details, please visit the ALIA website.

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Dusty notes said...

Hello ScHARR Library blog
This is my first visit to your blog and it has given me some interesting features to think about as I do the FOLIOz course. I am very impressed with how the course is organised and how helpful the notes are.
When I have studied previously it has been face-to-face so the online environment is a new "challenge".
I will be adding your blog to my list.