Monday, 30 March 2009

ScHARR Library's jet set staff return triumphant from Netherlands!

Photo taken by Claire Beecroft, 21st March 2009, and is a view of the very beautiful Prinsengracht.

ScHARR Library is famous for the scope and range of its teaching and training activity. Top trainers Andrew Booth and Claire Beecroft have recently returned from a trip to the Netherlands where they led a group of Dutch health librarians through the joys of Clinical Question Answering (CQA). Apart from a bouncy landing back at Leeds-Bradford, the trip was a roaring success and no doubt a triumph for Anglo-Dutch relations. Speaking from the the plane home, Claire Beecroft told ScHARR Library Blog that the trip had been 'great fun- the Dutch librarians were lovely and have been a joy to work with- we hope to be back soon!'.

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