Tuesday, 28 July 2009

New member of team

Hello everyone, my name is Helen Buckley Woods and I’m a new Information Specialist at ScHARR. The main focus of my time here will be contributing to the work of the Public Health Collaborating Centre. Before working at ScHARR I was gainfully employed for a number of years at Sheffield Hallam University as a subject librarian working with the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing. I’ve also happily worked in public, FE and school libraries.

When not involved with library and information business I like to play my violin and hang out with my greyhound Duchess; HRH is a beautiful animal and good company.
Before I sign off (for now), I can’t resist suggesting that you have a look at the Retired Greyhound Trust website to sponsor a dog or adopt your own walking work of art.


1 comment:

Andy said...

Welcome to the team Helen! You ought to join forces with Angie and Claire who play the cello. It’d be nice to have some soothing classical music in the library once a week.