Thursday, 9 July 2009

Recommended Website of the month - Pubget

Posted by Andy

I stumbled onto this site whilst reading through the latest posts on the Mobile Libraries Blog. This is not a blog for librarians who travel up down the country to tiny villages with the latest Harry Potter book, but for librarians using technology to help them in their day to day work. With regards to Pubget, even though our institution isn't registered with them yet, I was able to carry out a search which took me to a pdf, which obviously detected my IP address as being this University. It's early days, but it looks a useful supplement to existing resources of its ilk. Here's what Pubget says about itself.

Pubget indexes nearly 20 million life science research documents, including those in PubMed®. You search it by typing terms into the search field, a lot like you'd search PubMed or Google Scholar. The difference is Pubget gets you the PDF right away.

Pubget solves the problem of full-text document access in life science research. Instead of search results linking to papers, with Pubget's proprietary technology, the search results ARE the papers. Once you find the papers you want, you can save, manage and share them — all online.

Each year, scientists spend at least a quarter billion minutes searching for biomedical literature online. This is time they could better spend curing disease and building the future. Pubget's mission is to give them (you!) that time back.

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