Thursday, 26 November 2009

Recommended Website of the Month

Posted by Andy

It's still very early days and there's quite a glut of websites out there professing to be the ultimate tool to enhance research and collaboration in the modern online world. Whether this one is truly any good is hard to say just right now, but the idea ijn essence is good and with more users can probably work well.

Like so many of these tools, it needs input and a community, so this is where the tool fails right now. Who knows what it will be like in the mid-term, but my philosophy is better to have tried and tested and failed to have never tried and tested at all. How cheesy does that sound?

This is what Acawiki says about itself.

Increasing the Impact of Research Using Web 2.0
AcaWiki is like a "Wikipedia for academic research" designed to increase the impact of scholars, students, and bloggers by enabling them to share summaries and discuss academic papers online.
AcaWiki turns research hidden in academic journals into something more dynamic and accessible. All content on the site is licensed under the Commons Attribution license. To learn more about what AcaWiki can do for scholars, students, teachers and the public read the FAQ, or look at a sample summary.

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