Thursday, 8 July 2010

Future Learningscapes Conference

Photo by golan
Posted by Anthea

I was at the University of Greenwich yesterday at the "Future Learningscapes: a 21st Century Challenge" conference, presenting a poster on "Employing Web 2.0 Tools to Deliver E-learning Across Hemispheres" on behalf of myself and my colleagues Andy Tattersall & Andrew Booth.

The poster is based on a case study of the FOLIOz e-learning courses ScHARR IR deliver to librarians in Australia and New Zealand in association with ALIA (Australian Library and Information Association).

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Dusty notes said...

Hi Anthea, Andy & Andrew
I hope you have some interest in your poster. I did the marketing course in 2009 and found it an well-designed and achievable exercise. I still refer to my notes when encouraging colleagues to adopt a marketing approach to projects.It also adds value to my association membership.
Dusty Notes