Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Go get Geocaching

Posted by Andy

I just had to post this video very quickly to not only highlight my latest hobby, which to the untrained eye perhaps appears faddy, but in truth has been around for almost a decade. With hundreds of thousands of users Geocaching it is the best bit of fun you could add to almost any journey, whether it be in a city or the countryside, it becomes a real adventure.

All you need is a GPS phone or device, and the Geocache app to get you up and running, the video above explains everything.
After finding my first cache deep in a dark cave, it got me thinking of how this could be applied in health and education. Considering more and more students are coming to The University of Sheffield with smart phones each year and that many of them are from outside of the local area or even country, it would be a good exercise to get them to find geocaches hidden in parts of the city and campus with the idea of familiarising them with thier new home in a fun way.
There's also the health benefits of encouraging people, who rarely get exercise, by getting them to go out and about and get some exercise whilst playing a clever game.
I'm sure it's only a matter of time before someone seriously looks in to this.

Taken from the film Splinterheads

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