Wednesday, 23 January 2013

LIRG Research Scan Award 2012/13

Helen Buckley Woods and Andrew Booth have been awarded the LIRG Research Scan Award 2012/13.
The idea of the award is to address a current urgent issue in Library and Information Science, by generating a summary of relevant literature. The question under investigation for this award is “What do LIS practitioners want from research?”
The team will conduct a scoping review of practitioner engagement with research with a focus on current literature. Diverse evidence sources will be included such as social media in order to give a more complete picture of practitioners’ relationship with research.
A draft report will be completed by 15th June and the findings will be presented at a LIRG Pre-Umbrella conference event on 1st July. The report will be used to inform LIRG/CILIP research policy.
LIRG (Library and Information Research Group) is a special interest group of CILIP (Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals). For more information about LIRG and the Research Scan Award, please see:


Unknown said...

Congraulations Helen and Andrew. Look forward to reading the findings, I'm sure they will be of real use to the field.

Andy Tattersall said...

Really well done Helen and Andrew - really proud of you guys :-) Andy