Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Minute Mendeley - Videos to Help you Reference Better

At ScHARR we teach all of our students the excellent and freely available Mendeley reference management software. As previously mentioned we've also taught students in other faculties and several 100s of students down the line we've not had too many complaints, well nothing we cannot rectify. The response from our students, who are mostly International has been overwhelmingly positive - we think it is a real game changer. Mendeley is a superb piece of software that not only manages your references, cites as you write and creates bibliographies, but it is a social network, a database of references and a place for collaboration. To help all of our students, I have made a few short informal videos, under the banner 'Minute Mendeley' - sadly the hope of making these videos in just a minute were short-lived, so in reality they should be called Minute and 40 Seconds Mendeley, but it just doesn't roll of the tongue, does it? I've also added other official Mendeley videos, so virtually everything you wanted to know about Mendeley is here in one place. 
Here is one of the videos below on annotating PDFs online, for more go to the Minute Mendeley website.

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