Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Internet Librarian International 2013 Conference Presentation - It's all gone a bit Blair Witch

Andy Tattersall and Claire Beecroft return to the excellent Internet Librarian International conference on the 14th-16th October at London Olympia with their session titled - Leading the Horse to Water - 10 Ways to get Academics and Students to Drink from the Technology Waterhole.

As with last year they decided to create a short promo video with the idea of highlighting how easy you can make and host these creations. Obviously inspired by The Blair Witch Project, it's quite apt as we get ever closer to the season of the witch...whooo hooo ha!

'One of the greatest problems library and information professionals have is trying to get users to engage with technology. The benefits are not always obvious and the pitfalls many, but for those who are willing to try something new the rewards can be bountiful. We often hear colleagues say they don’t know which tool to use, why they should use it, that something better will come along, or that they just don’t have time. Many are just scared of technology, with even the brightest spark intimidated at mere the mention of screencasting. In this ever-busy world we need ways of engaging and educating users. Digital literacy, copyright, terms of use and how to use the technology are just a few of the issues facing librarians and information professionals.
This session will look at 10 different ways you can engage and encourage users to adopt a new technology or make better use of their smart (but often idle) mobile devices. From Twitter to Prezi, from Google+ to Mendeley and beyond, we will present 10 case studies of how we have implemented a new technology or idea and how well it has been received and adopted.
The possibilities are endless with many of these affordable technologies, but time and opportunities not always so in a world that is time-poor but technology-rich. In our session we will cover some of things that have aided our efforts to get people to the waterhole AND take a sip of that fresh, sweet and cool technology.'

Catch Andy and Claire on Wednesday 16th October and follow the conference on Twitter with the #ili2013 hashtag.

11.30 – 12.30
Moderator: , South Australia Health Library Service
Smart use of eresources in libraries
Uppsala University Library
Uppsala University Library
Leading the horse to water: 10 ways to get academics and students to drink from the technology waterhole
ScHARR University of Sheffield
ScHARR University of Sheffield
Smart solutions for customer measurement
University of Warwick Library
University of Warwick
In this ever-busy world libraries need to find new ways of engaging with and educating users and colleagues. These case studies explore how a library can increase its relevance to the wider organisation, through improving enquiry services, supporting skills development and by supporting the mobile user.

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