Wednesday, 30 October 2013

PubAdvanced – a new tool for searching PubMed with advanced features

PubAdvanced ( is a new search interface for searching PubMed with additional features you won’t find via the usual PubMed platform. In particular, PubAdvanced utilises a citation tool called CitImpact - the score of a given publication determined via various algorithms and taking into account:
  • Journal Impact Factor
  • 5-Year Journal Impact Factor
  • Eigenfactor score
  • Article Influence score

PubAdvanced is open access but does require that you register with the site in order to perform a search. The registration form is quick and simple enough and asks for a few details about your job and geographical location.

Amongst the various additional search features are the ability to sort publications from PubMed according to their CitImpact score.

A search for ((“school of health and related research”) or (scharr)) gave the exact same number of results in PubMed and PubAdvanced. I also got the same results when limiting the search by author.

At first glance PubAdvanced seems to be a useful tool and is certainly worth using if you are interested in analysing article and journal impact scores.

For more information about the people behind the tool go to:

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