Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Have We Got Reviews For You? A bite-size guide to finding review articles for scoping purposes.

Louise Preston and Mark Clowes were invited to deliver a session on "finding reviews" as part of the "BiteSize" staff training series at ScHARR.   

Our target audience was the busy researcher who wants to do a quick search for scoping purposes; not the systematic reviewer who needs a more rigorous and replicable method (we might need more than 20 minutes to do that justice!)

After dealing with the thorny question of "what is a review?" and highlighting Andrew Booth's excellent typology, we went on to highlight a few of our favourite specialist sites for finding reviews & evidence syntheses; then offered some tips on searching more general sources.    Finally, the session gave us an opportunity to promote the support available from the Information Resources team at ScHARR.

Have We Got Reviews For You? How to do a quick scoping search to find review articles. 
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P.S. We know some readers of this blog are librarians/information specialists - which resources would you highlight if you were asked to present to this audience?

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