Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Cilip MmIT talks on Digital Citizenship

Andy Tattersall
Last week I delivered my yearly talk as part of the Cilip Multimedia Information Technology Committee (MmiT) AGM at Cilip. I say yearly as I have delivered a talk at each of the MmIT AGMs as the secretary of the committee, but also I don't think anyone dare not tell me I can't do it any more ;-)

I was lucky to be speaking alongside two esteemed speakers who are both very active in the area of digital citizenship. Firstly Helen Milner OBE, the Chief Executive of the Tinder Foundation which sets out to improve digital inclusion and tackle social challenges through digital solutions. We were also very lucky to have Ian Clark who is a librarian from the University of East London and no stranger to the issues facing society and digital citizenship, especially when it comes down to issues relating to privacy and the web. 

The theme of the talks were about digital citizenship and was well attended by about 50 library and information professionals from across the various sectors. All the presentation abstracts and slides can be viewed below.

Helen Milner - Chief Executive of the Tinder Foundation.
'Why libraries are vital to closing the digital divide'
 Abstract: There are 12.6 million people in the UK without basic digital skills, who are missing out on opportunities to save money, connect with friends and family, learn more about their hobbies and much more. Not only that, but they’re also becoming excluded from accessing basic services - like being able to apply for jobs, find health information, or access other government services.
 The Tinder Foundation are great believers in the huge benefits of the Internet and the social value of the Internet for someone with low digital skills. Through its network of community partners the Tinder Foundation has supported over 1.6 million people to improve their digital skills since 2010, and learners have gone on to realise a range of benefits, from ordering prescriptions online, applying for and securing jobs, and setting up their own businesses. Helen's talk will cover much of this work and what part libraries can play in aiding it.

Ian Clark - Radical Librarians Collective
 The digital divide in the post-Snowden era
 Abstract: In 2013, Edward Snowden exposed a range of revelations that have provided us with a welcome opportunity to re-evaluate our relationship with the Internet. Traditionally conceived as a place to seek information, the Internet has increasingly become a place where personal data is harvested by both government agencies and corporate entities. The revelations resulted in IFLA releasing a Statement on Privacy in the Library Environment that recommends that library and information services should respect and advance privacy both at the level of practice and as a principle. Previously, the digital divide has been seen in terms of access and general skills, but the Snowden revelations have revealed another aspect of the digital divide: the privacy divide. Ian’s talk seeks to understand the nature of this divide, who it affects, how the divide manifests itself and how it is being tackled.

 Andy Tattersall - Information Specialist - The University of Sheffield 
Is it the responsibility of the academy to teach social media to students and academics?
 Abstract: There are over two million students in higher education and the majority are actively engaged in digital technology from social media to mobile technologies. Whilst being adept at using these technologies little consideration is given to how they can be leveraged to shape a professional career after graduating. Whilst issues around ethics, privacy and security are rarely considered, they are increasingly relevant. Is it the duty of the academy to help students manage a better professional online persona, or do we risk teaching them to suck eggs?

Ian Clark
The Tinder Foundation

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