Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Picture and posted by Andy

A million thanks to everyone who sponsored me, my wife, little girl and Thatcher the dog for the Alzheimer's Society Memory Walk on the Monsal Trail .
Thanks to your overwhelming generosity we were able to raise over £300 and with gift aid, it's £375!

The Justgiving page is still live, so if you would still like to give to a great charity and support those working to support an illness that will affect a lot of us directly and indirectly, you can do so by going to

Luckily for us it was lovely weather and we managed to undertake the six mile walk - three there and three back in about two hours, walking at a toddler's pace. Despite still not being two years old, Isobel managed to walk the majority of the three miles, and probably walked even further due to her keep going back to pick sticks up. We employed the buggy for the return journey.

We set off at the back of the walk and within ten minutes had been left behind as various scooters, walkers and pets disappeared down the track, thanks to the three Ladies who kept holding back to check we were OK. About 70 people attended the walk on the lovely Monsal Trail from the Hassop Book Shop for a brilliant cause.

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