Monday, 7 September 2009

Welcome to ScHARR Library

Posted by Andy

I made this short introductary video of our library using the free video creating software xtranormal. I stumbled on xtranormal after my colleague Mark Morley in CICS created a short video on flat structures versus folder hierarchies using it.

Don't be put off trying it, Xtranormal is very easy to use. You simply drag the action and camera icons onto the script you've written to change camera angle, place pauses, change expressions of your chosen character, or make the character move. You can have either one or two actors in your scene, hopefully other characters and actions will be added later.

The rendering can take a little while, and you need to register to save and publish your final video. That done and you’re supplied with a URL and embed code. Also, put in your YouTube account details to enable a one click upload to YouTube. It is a great piece of software if you want to make short, snappy films to advertise a course, explain a service or just tell a joke.

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