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Gig Review: Social Media for Researchers event, 19/1/15

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Yesterday, myself (@beakbeccroft) and IR's very own Andy Tattersall (@andy_tattersall) presented at "Social Media for Researchers" event, at the Management School, Sheffield.

The event was organised by the lovely Sarah Boswell (@sarahboswell1), who had attended a similar event at Sheffield Hallam, in September last year, when Andy and I, along with our colleagues at University, Farida Vis (@flygirltwo) and Tom Stafford (@tomstafford) had also presented. Sarah wanted to run a similar event at Sheffield University, and Andy and I readily agreed.

I had the pleasure of being first in the bill, and my presentation on "Establishing an Online Presence" (see Haiku Deck above) seemed to go really well, and the audience were very friendly, encouraging, and interested. On the day, Andy wasn't very well, but stoically offered to present his slides online, so after much wrestling with technology, a Skype connection was set up and Andy presentation on Altmetrics went really well. Just goes to show these things ARE possible, and when they work, they work brilliantly !

Farida gave a really engaging talk, and bravely (and wisely) chose to cover the issue of "what to do when things go wrong on social media". Turns out the answer is: often you can't do anything, and doing nothing is the often the right thing anyway!

Tom also gave a really good presentation about blogging, and I think he really inspired a lot of people to consider starting a blog or writing for existing blogs. I didn't have time to cover this at length in my presentation, but I do think it's probably one of the most rewarding forms of social media participation and engagement, so it was good that this topic is covered in more depth, by a great speaker.

I'm sure lots of other similar events in other faculties will be popping up left, right and centre over the next year or so. As library and information professionals , it's always good to be on the bill, and remind people just how much we know that this stuff!

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