Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Work Those Apps - 18 New Year Resolutions for your Mobile Device

Last week I was invited by a colleague in the Faculty of Social Sciences at my University to deliver a Ignite presentation on learning technologies alongside some of their colleagues. I'd never delivered a Ignite presentation before and only ever gone as far as presenting two Pecha Kuchas previously, one in Sheffield and one in Barnsley. Pecha Kucha presentations are 20 slides of 20 seconds that auto-progress, Ignite presentations are slightly shorter where each slide gets 15 seconds each.

So thinking it was another good challenge I set about it and delivered the presentation where I suggested 18 new year resolutions in the guise of apps that colleagues could try on their mobile and tablet devices. The sides are below and even though some may not seem obvious as to their educational credentials, you wouldn't have to search far on the Web to find out how they are being employed in education. For example, Pinterest used to collect info graphics, Evernote as a lecture note taker complete with slide capture and audio recording.  

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