Friday, 30 January 2015

How to be a Successful Digital Academic to Boost your Career

This week I was lucky enough to be invited to a live Google Hangout Q&H hosted by on the topic of: How to be a Successful Digital Academic to Boost your Career.
The live Google Hangout on Air was hosted by Dr Inger Mewburn who runs the highly popular blog and Twitter account The Thesis Whisperer in Australia.

I was joined on the panel by David White who is the Head of Technology Enhanced Learning at the University of Arts London. Jenny Delasalle who is the editor of the Piirus Blog and Michael Duignan, Doctoral Researcher and Associate Lecturer at the Lord Ashcroft International Business School.

Before the Hangout several questions were posted by viewers which Inger did a brilliant job of fielding them out to us all. We discussed how you deal with information overload, manage to successfully blog alongside existing workloads and what tools did we regard as the best ones to use in a modern academic arena. 

Thankfully technology held up for us with one person in Australia presenting just before bedtime and another based in Germany. You can view the recording of the event here and there was also a useful blog post written about the event which you can read here:

The Google+ Hangout on Air was hosted by Dr Inger Mewburn, a researcher specialising in the study of research education and research student support. Inger is also the editor of popular blog ‘newspaper’, The Thesis Whisperer
The panel of experts were;
Andy Tattersall - Information Specialist at ScHARR, The University of Sheffield
David White - Head of Technology Enhanced Learning at the University of the Arts London
Jenny Delasalle - Editor of the Piirus blog and Twitter feed
Michael Duignan - Doctoral Researcher and Associate Lecturer at the Lord Ashcroft International Business School

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